• Translating Business Complexity into a Manageable Solution
    (1/26/2017) by admin_stampa - Implementing an efficient management and reporting architecture in a global company with more than 500 legal entities is a big challenge. Doing that within 8 months sounds literally impossible. Two well-known global consulting companies had already failed trying when our consultants got involved. We transformed the extremely complex structures and processes of the client into an optimized SAP BPC solution which produced significant cost and time savings right from the start. Challenging Project Objectives Our client was one of the largest companies in Europe with business spread over more than 500 legal entities in different countries. With a variety of… Read More
  • Thoughts on Planning: Why tools don’t matter THAT much
    (1/20/2017) by Andreas Krüger - Around 80% of the issues that are discussed in a corporate planning project are totally tool-independent. More than that, the value added of introducing a new tool typically comes from a process redesign rather than from the tool itself.  Quite frequently planning projects start as IT-projects. Companies want to get rid of their spreadsheet-based planning, they want to implement a central tool that offers a better control of master data, that makes data collection and consolidation easier and that offers better reporting capabilities. In many cases, the starting point therefore is a tool decision. The company starts looking for a… Read More
  • Realtime-Consolidation with SAP BPC Embedded
    (12/21/2016) by Andreas Krüger - „...Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming...“(David Bowie). Realtime-consolidation is becoming true now with SAP BPC Embedded. In this paper we shed some light on the future of SAP-based consolidation. In the sense of David Bowie we argue that Tomorrow in consolidation tools belongs to those who can hear it coming. When a company plans to implement a consolidation solution based on SAP technology, it has to ask about the differences in functionality as well as about the strategic implications of the tool decision. Our clear recommendation is to take SAP BPC Embedded (Business Planning and Consolidation) into close… Read More
  • Benchmark 2017 has been launched
    (12/14/2016) by Andreas Krüger - In a dynamic competitive environment efficient corporate planning becomes a critical success factor. But more than in operational processes, corporate planning is very hard to evaluate. How efficient is your planning? How do your planning processes compare to best-practices and to other companies? A new study in cooperation with a German university provides answers. Cycle times, processing costs, scrap rates: In operational processes we have plenty of ways to measure a business process and to judge its efficiency. These measures, if performed repeatedly, are the basis for improvement and optimization. Administrative processes like corporate planning are much harder to evaluate. How can the quality of planning be measured? How much does budgeting… Read More