Group accounting and reporting under IFRS is a challenge. We can help you overcome it.

Stampa Partners provides professional group accounting and reporting services related to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). We help you correctly implement IFRS, understand accounting implications of all standards and anticipate impacts on your financial statements of developments by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB).

Our experienced international accountants cover:

Conversions to IFRS

Our experts provide end-to-end conversion processes from various accounting and reporting standards to IFRS. We also define or contribute in defining various strategies in adopting IFRS or contribute in optimizing the IFRS closing process, linking it to a Fast Close strategy for example.

IFRS and other GAAPs advisory services

Important steps of the IFRS accounting and consolidation process can be covered by our experts, especially implementation of efficient and compliant impairment tests, implementation of IFRS compliant value-based management processes, setup of concepts for the internal financial management or optimizing the creation of the annual IFRS report.

Group accounting and reporting manuals

An accounting and reporting manual ensures that your finance organization is aligned and that you have a consistent accounting and reporting policy across your group. Our experts help you integrate comprehensive manuals, train your accountants and finance managers of your reporting units and integrate your manuals with your group reporting systems

Group accounting and consolidation support

The annual consolidation and reporting period may be a challenging time when you need your resources to concentrate on data quality and data analysis. You may therefore want additional support or outsourcing services for the technical consolidation tasks. Our experts can help you minimize the risks of your annual close or supplement your resources for a timely delivery of accurate reports.