Concentrate on data analysis, not data handling

Mapping and moving data from source systems to Enterprise Performance Management solutions adds little value to the consolidation, planning or controlling processes. Having an integrated system allows your resources to concentrate on high value added tasks such as data analysis, explanation of deviances and corrective measures.

Directly connect to your ERP

Whether you are using SAP or other Enterprise Resource Planning systems, our consultants will help you connect to your source data with direct connectors and extract or push the relevant data for your closing or planning processes. Once set up, the process is automatic.

Easily transform and map data

Data transformation and mapping should not be the job of IT. The process requires accounting and financial skills, chart of accounts understanding and group accounting standards knowledge. The process should be in the hands of finance. Stampa Partners implements web-based solutions for data transformation and mapping owned by the office of the CFO. The solutions allow you to customize advanced mappings, perform validations on data integrity and run reconciliations ensuring that data is validated and cleaned before it is pushed into your consolidation or planning system. Furthermore, your transformations and mapping operations are historized and allow you to audit changes in the process and ensure understanding of your balances from one period to another.

Audit your data and drill back to origin

Dreaming of a fully integrated data audit, from your annual report balance back to transactions? This is possible today with an advanced data integration solution connected to your Enterprise Performance Management solution. You are able to drill back from any balance imported using a data integration solution and see the detailed positions behind the balance, the source data and the transformations that took place. Further to this analysis, if your data integration solution has been supplemented by a direct connector to your Enterprise Resource Planning applications, you are able to drill all the way back to your ERP tables and analyze the detailed transactions.

Stampa Partners currently covers implementations of the three leading Enterprise Performance Management software editors:

SAP Lease Administration by Nakisa is suitable for supporting differentiated and complex leasing environments.

Stampa Partners is a Specialized Expertise Partner of SAP, first strategic implementation partner of Nakisa and partner of Unit4 Prevero.