An introduction to SAP Profitability and Performance Management

In the upcoming weeks, Stampa & Partners will release a series of weekly LinkedIn posts to answer the question How efficiently can you track the profitability and cost management of your services and operations? and take this chance to present an SAP solution that can help businesses doing that.

As experts in delivering solutions for Analytics, Planning, Consolidation and Reporting we can assess and help you defining flexible profitability models.

A powerful solution that address the objectives of an optimal profitability model is SAP Profitability and Performance Management (PAPM). This tool is built on SAP HANA and empowers teams and decision-makers with clear insights on:

  • how their business runs and is being feed
  • understand, control and manage cost drivers
  • how value is generated and can be optimised

SAP PAPM’s models can be quickly built, personalised, tested and simulated by end users. Data from multiple sources can be used to calculate results swiftly without data replication. It is also capable of performing complex calculations in just second and it is fully transparent, traceable and auditable.

In a series of posts, Stampa & Partners will address different PAPM’s use cases. In the first set of post it will be presented a case study on cost allocation. This case study will be followed by insights on other PAPM uses such as ABC Costing and metrics (e.g. NPM, NWC, Inventory Turnover).

Please stay connected to access the first Case Study post on Cost Allocation next week.

We at Stampa & Partners have an extensive track record working with CFOs and supporting organisations in Europe successfully digitalise finance functions, leverage analytics and ensure compliance with new accounting standards. Therefore, we can advise your business with the best solutions to fulfil your goals.

By André Almeida