Realtime-Consolidation with SAP – it’s within striking distance now

What has long been considered a far-away vision seems to become reality now: The consolidation of the most up-to-date financial data on a button-click. With the implementation of S/4 HANA and BPC Optimized, SAP is currently paving the way for Real-Time Consolidation (RTC). This whitepaper will focus on the functional aspect to make RTC a reality.  

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ERP system technology is currently changing. S/4 HANA introduces a changed data model, a high-performance data engine, and also a HANA-optimized BPC version. This new technology allows a different architecture of planning and consolidation applications. A separate physical data transfer is not always required anymore, paving the road for realtime BI.

With BPC Optimized and S/4 HANA companies establish the foundation for a future realtime-consolidation. Our point of view paper discusses the opportunities and the challenges in this approach.

Online-Demo Realtime-Consolidation with SAP

You are interested in RTC with SAP? Then you are invited to our upcoming Online-Demo on this topic on 24th November 2017 at 10:30 am.

  By Andreas Krüger

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