Online Session – IFRS16 with SAP Lease Administration by Nakisa

Many companies are currently at the start of their IFRS16 projects. Some are still evaluating tool alternatives, others are already in the middle of their implementation projects.
Stampa Group is directly involved in a number of major IFRS16 implementations. In our upcoming online session we will introduce the latest release of SAP Lease Administration by Nakisa, a tool that not only offers a central lease administration plattform, but at the same time integrates directly into the ERP-systems of the company. We will also discuss those factors which, to our experience, can determine the effort and risks involved in an IFRS16 implementation .

Training Situation Online Session IRFS16


Insights into the new release –
Lessons Learned so far

Online-Session 25th October 2017
10:00 am – 11:00 am CET

If you are not familiar with the Nakisa-solution, yet, or you are still in the evaluation process of differetnt tools, the following point-of-view -paper is a good read:

By Andreas Krüger

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