SAP Analytics Cloud

In this post we answers the question: "How efficient and confidently can you use information and ideas to make business decisions?". As experts in delivering solutions for Analytics, Planning, Consolidation and Reporting we can assess and help you making a smart, flexible and tailored use of your data to support your decisions.

SAP Analytics Cloud

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With SAC users no longer need to switch between applications to perform planning and analysis which reduces administrative and training costs. User can discover, analyse, predict, plan and visualise data in one and the same application.

AI-driven insights are delivered out of the box and allow them to make any confident business decisions faster, whether this involves identifying correlations to improve the success of a marketing campaign, if it requires identifying revenue driver, sales trends or the usage of machinery.

SAC presents many other features, such as the ability to filter,  to access pertinent, updated information in only a few steps and to highlight correlations between data sets automatically.  

SAC uses new technology that enhances the use of real-time data and advanced analytics to support user, to make faster, more accurate and intelligent decisions that improves the effectiveness of these decisions in the accomplishment of corporate goals and risk mitigation. 

In this publication we will present some of the most interesting features that this tool has to offer and we will close with a case study.

We welcome you to contact us to find out more about SAP Analytics Cloud. We are happy to discuss how this tool can support your organisation and how you can best use it.

By André Almeida

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