IFRS16 - Tackling the Challenge

Your company will have to comply with the new IFRS16 standard? Your respective processes are not yet clearly defined? This paper explains the key challenges you will be facing and how an optimized tool support should look like. It discusses why most of the existing solutions are not ideally suited to support IFRS16. And it concludes by presenting an interesting, SAP-based lease management solution.


Topics: Nakisa IFRS16 SLAN

Lightweight KPI-planning in a complex organization? It's possible!

Imagine a major business unit in a global technology company that wants to implement a slim and efficient solution for the bottom-up planning of central key performance indicators without the complexity and overhead of a massive planning application. Centrally defined KPIs and a global data consistency should be achieved while local units are given a high degree of freedom in how to derive these KPIs. Stampa & Partners developed a taylor-made solution that bridged the gap between diversity and consistency in planning.

Topics: Consolidation BPC

Planungsprozesse: Systematikfrage

Die Implementierung moderner Software garantiert noch keine gute Unternehmensplanung. Im Gegenteil kann komplexe Technik die Abläufe sogar verlangsamen. Es wird Zeit für einen wohlstrukturierten Ansatz.

Topics: Corporate Planning Reifegradmodell