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You want to know how your own corporate planning processes are positioned compared to benchmark companies? Then take part in Benchmark 2017

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Translating Business Complexity into a Manageable Solution

Implementing an efficient management and reporting architecture in a global company with more than 500 legal entities is a big challenge. Doing that within 8 months sounds literally impossible. Two well-known global consulting companies had already failed trying when our consultants got involved. We transformed the extremely complex structures and processes of the client into an optimized SAP BPC solution which produced significant cost and time savings right from the start

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Thoughts on Planning: Why tools don't matter THAT much

Around 80% of the issues that are discussed in a corporate planning project are totally tool-independent. More than that, the value added of introducing a new tool typically comes from a process redesign rather than from the tool itself.

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Fit für die Zukunft - Starter Kit für die Konsolidierung mit BPC Embedded

In der Version 10.1. wird SAP BPC Embedded um eine leistungsfähige Konsolidierungsfunktionalität erweitert. Für Kunden eröffnen sich hierdurch äußerst interessante Optionen: Eine Realtime-Konsolidierung ist nun ebenso möglich wie eine nahtlose Integration mit Planung und Reporting.

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