How to leverage a full S/4 Finance implementation ? – Introduction

Was hat Projektplanung mit Rugby gemeinsam?

Reduce burden to adapt to a new regulation

Improve reporting process, auditability and traceability

Influence the effectiveness and monitoring of strategic goal

Leverage the use of existing data

How CFOs can use tools to achieve goals and overcome challenges?

Entscheidungen in herausfordernden Zeiten mit Lean Planning auf Basis von SAP SAC!

Forecasting in Krisenzeiten - Aufzeichnung Webinar von Unit4 Prevero

SAP Profitability and Performance Management

SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP S/4 HANA for Group Reporting

Overview to new SAP solutions

Mit künstlicher Intelligenz zum Wettbewerbsvorteil?

Macht KI das Controlling besser?

Mit Frontloaded Forecasting zum Lean Planning

Wettbewerbsvorsprung durch effektives Vertriebscontrolling

SAP Financial Consolidation V 10.1 - What's new?

Neuerungen bei SAP Financial Consolidation V 10.1

Planung mit SAP Analytics Cloud

IFRS 16 - Die Uhr tickt! 

Vorteile Echtzeit-Konsolidierung mit SAP BPC

Planung in der Cloud?

Realtime-Consolidation with SAP - What are the benefits?

Realtime-Consolidation with SAP - Gain an insight!

Risk Management instead of Risk Avoidance! Process management under ISO 9001

Do you really want to know how good you are?

Erfolg steigern mit agiler Planung?

Realtime-Consolidation with SAP - it's within striking distance now

Realtime Konsolidierung mit SAP - jetzt ist sie in greifbarer Nähe

Online Session - IFRS16 with SAP Lease Administration by Nakisa

Agile Planung - Worthülse oder Ende des Budgetwahnsinns?

IFRS16 - Are you ready?

Corporate Planning -  Analyse, Vergleich, Optimierung mit Benchmark2017

Process Design: Are you properly prepared to implement a new tool?

Online-Demo: Konsolidierung mit SAP BPC Embedded

Coming up: Online Demo IFRS16 with SAP Lease Administration

Process Design - Eight Iron Rules for Efficient Processes

New online demo - IFRS16 with SAP Lease Administration

Online demo - IFRS16 with SAP Lease Administration

Konsolidierung mit SAP BPC - IFRS Starter Kit jetzt auch für Embedded BPC

IFRS16 - Tackling the Challenge

Lightweight KPI-planning in a complex organization? It's possible!

Planungsprozesse: Systematikfrage

Thoughts on Planning: Scenarios are good - but just don't overdose

Do you really want to know how good you are?

Translating Business Complexity into a Manageable Solution

Thoughts on Planning: Why tools don't matter THAT much

Fit für die Zukunft - Starter Kit für die Konsolidierung mit BPC Embedded

Realtime-Consolidation with SAP BPC Embedded

Benchmark 2017 has been launched

Thoughts on Planning: How do you know if your planning is "good"?

Thoughts on Planning: Do you really think that adding detail will improve accuracy?

SAP Business Intelligence im Umbruch

Thoughts on Planning: Are you planning already or are you still playing budget poker?

Stampa at the SNP Transformation Days 2016

Tailor-Made and Most Efficient: BPC-Based Consolidation for a Medium-Sized Chemicals Company

Effectiveness Traps in Corporate Planning

Faster Closing of Books at Orell Füssli with new Consolidation Tool